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About the studio

We offer full-cycle ERPNext services, whether you need a simple installation or you want us to help you with complicated integration.

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To ensure that your ERPNext project becomes a success, it is important to ensure that you have done setup the right way. We offer this as a service, and we can help you apply best practices from day one.


ERPNext has lots of functionalities, but most are times when you need to customize some documents to server you best. To ensure your customization is safe is you are able to do upgrades, safe, talk to us today.


Integrating ERPNext with gadgets is critical for a business to get the most from technology and its possibilities. Our years of experience integrating different gadgets gives us an advantage that you can benefit from.


Sometimes you may need a completely new functionality on top of what ERPNext offers. This may be a new app or otherwise. We have tonnes of experience in that area, and would be delighted to discuss your project requirements.


We offer training for both Developers and for Business. Business training involves training users on how to use ERPNext. Developer training involves training developers to customize ERPNext and to build applications with Frappe.


Do you have a project that was implemented and abandoned, or you just want to change the team supporting your ERPNext project? This is one of the services we offer at Upeosoft, and we would love to discuss your need.

We are a full-service digital company

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We are privileged to have implemented projects ranging from simple and basic installation to deploying systems that are connected to other applications via APIs, and also integrated with hardware to facilitate business efficiency. We are excited to hear your story.

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